About Ola Gentle

I have always had a strong passion and connection with animals.  At 19 I started working at a boarding kennel, cleaning and feeding dogs.  I also helped in the evening training classes teaching obedience.  Through the years, I not only assisted in obedience classes but also volunteered for several rescue shelters.  Refining my skills in all levels of obedience and agility training has allowed me to work with different dog breeds and temperaments. I found I had a skill in dealing with and rehabilitating behavioural cases.  From fear to aggression I have not met a dog I could not handle.  Now rounding out my 20th year of working with dogs I love teaching classes, as well I assess dogs with behavioural issues and work with them to improve these behaviours. 

 My passion is strongest with homeless dogs that are looking for adoptive homes.  I currently am affiliated with 15 rescue groups in Canada and abroad.  Living on a 100 acre farm with my 4 dogs, goats, and chickens gives me plenty of space to board and run my doggy daycare!

In the future I hope to open a boarding facility that caters to the health and well being of dogs.  As well this rehab facility would allow me to continue rescuing and training dogs for future adoption.


–Ola Gentle