Welcome to Paws Above! We are an in-home dog daycare and boarding facility located in King City.

About "The Farm"

Paws Above is located in King City on 100 acres of farmland. You’ll know you are at the right place when you are greeted by Bruce (our rescue Estrela Mountain Dog who is also our livestock guardian), our three goats (Niles, Frasier and Daphne), our two turkeys and our flock of chickens. We started over a decade ago at this location with just some simple training and a couple dogs for daycare and we have now converted the entire farmhouse into a dog bed and breakfast. Each room has been cleared out and made dog friendly, including furniture, fireplaces, tv’s, music and dog beds. We strongly believe in an in-home styled environment for the dogs staying with us and a lot of out door activity.

Paws Above believes in a structured environment and we encourage good manners from our doggy guests. We have the ability to group dogs together in our six different lounges based on their size, energy or temperaments. We use barriers to introduce new dogs into their lounges, and monitor interactions before integrating the new arrivals. If we feel like certain dogs are not a good match together, we have the ability to relocate them to one of our alternate lounges.

We are outside most of the day (weather permitting) in our fenced area. The fenced area is just under a half acre with 6ft fencing and is also buried 1ft down. When it’s warm out we like to get the kiddie pools out to cool off, and sometimes we even set up a sprinkler if the dogs are feeling brave enough! We also believe that downtime is an important part in leading balanced life for a dog. For those dogs that need a little extra energy burn, we also have a 45-60 minute hiking trail that we use for leashed hikes.